About Us

Welcome to the United States Ham Radio Council (USHRC)

The heartbeat of the amateur radio community across the nation. Founded by a passionate group of ham radio enthusiasts, USHRC has grown into a vibrant, nationwide council dedicated to promoting the spirit of amateur radio through education, innovation, and community service.

Our Mission: To foster an environment that promotes the growth and enjoyment of amateur radio while providing services and support to our members and communities across the United States. We aim to be a leading force in amateur radio advancement, ensuring a legacy of camaraderie, innovation, and service.

Our History: The journey of USHRC began in 2023, sparked by the collective vision of our founding members to create a unified platform for ham radio operators. Since the beginning, we’ve evolved from a small group of radio aficionados to a sprawling network of members spanning the entire nation. Our story is a testament to the enduring appeal of ham radio and the unbreakable bonds it creates.

Our Officers:

President – Chris Hunt, N0YH
Vice-President – Ralph Waldren, N0OTS
Treasurer – Tom Kocourek, N4FWD
Secretary – Scott Irwin, W8UFO
Trustee – Bob Fauci, N1UVO

Our Board:

Member at Large – Terry Partigianoni, W5TMP
Member at Large – Bob Vosper, KZ1B
Member at Large – Erin Henrickson, ND7B
Member at Large – Open

Our Values:

  • Community: At the heart of USHRC lies a commitment to building and sustaining a supportive, inclusive community of ham radio practitioners.
  • Education: We believe in the power of learning and sharing knowledge, offering resources and programs to elevate the skills of our members.
  • Innovation: Embracing both the history and the future of ham radio, we encourage experimentation and the exploration of new technologies.
  • Service: Ham radio is not just a hobby; it’s a lifeline during emergencies. USHRC is dedicated to providing emergency communication services and supporting disaster relief efforts.

Why Join USHRC?

  • Connect: Join a network of fellow ham radio enthusiasts who share your passion. From local clubs to national events, USHRC offers countless opportunities for connection and friendship.
  • Learn: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned operator, our educational programs, workshops, and resources will help you grow your knowledge and skills.
  • Serve: Participate in our public service and emergency communications efforts, making a real difference in times of need.
  • Explore: With USHRC, the world of amateur radio is at your fingertips. Discover new technologies, engage in contests, and embark on the airwaves adventure.

Join Us: We invite you to become part of the USHRC family, where you can explore the fascinating world of ham radio, contribute to meaningful causes, and connect with a diverse and welcoming community. Whether you’re dialing in from a bustling city or a quiet countryside, there’s a place for you here.

Contact Us: For more information on becoming a member, our programs, or upcoming events, please visit our Contact Page or reach out directly via this form.